Private Labels


Products and services offered under private brands, namely those that are most commonly produced on order of large companies and retail chains.

Poland is the European leader in the growing importance of private label products. Approximately 30% of domestic products are sold under the private label. For the bulk of sales of these brands in Poland correspond to discount stores where private brands are up to 85% of the offer. The development of own brands, however, now declared a priority by all retailers.

Starpap operates in the paper hygiene products sector since 1996 and successfully offers its products under its private brands of domestic and foreign customers. From year to year increasing production capabilities allow to offer more, good quality products for the consumers, institutional distribution networks, discount stores and wholesalers.



Thanks experience in the hygiene business Starpap can offer a wide range of products prepared precisely for partners who want to offer products under its own brand.

Products offered include:

1) consumer products

- Toilet paper

- Kitchen towels

- Handkerchiefs

Starpap offers assistance in the preparation and execution of individual packages and entire product lines. From design through execution , the film production to the finial product. Our designers offer modern graphic designs in line with current market trends. Company sales representatives are always available to help and can provide all kinds of detailed information about the possibilities of cooperation in the Private Label sector

2) institutional products:

- Jumbo toilet papers

- Paper towels (Mini / Maxi)

- Industrial rolls

- Folded paper towels (V-fold type)

The company offers customized labels on Away From Home products. These are stickers which during production is placed all the data required by the counterparty. This can be a name, product code, information about the size, barcode, etc. The label is standard dimension 100x132mm and is white. It is possible to design and print individual labels with multi-colored primer, with the logo and the data selected by the recipient. The company logistics department provide any information about the logistics requirements .